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You think I’m not a goddess? Try me.

Anonymous: hazel levesque, 10? :)



thank you for indulging my love of drawing Hazel! 


hadestown fancast: h e r m e s

You’re on the lam, you’re on the run
don’t give your name, you don’t have one
and don’t look no one in the eye
that town will try to suck you dry
they’ll suck your brain, they’ll suck your breath
they’ll pluck the heart right out of your chest
they’ll truss you up in your sunday best
and stuff your mouth with cotton

Riz Ahmed as H E R M E S


here are some modern!AU facts, because I’m thinking about these two far too often:

  • Hades, 28, born in Sweden, son of Greek immigrants, assistant pathologist in Stockholm, takes half a year off to settle family business in crisis-stricken Thessaloniki
  • where he meets Persephone, 19, biology student and daughter of an overprotective and ambitious mother, as he accidentally tramples down flowers she’s about to collect for class
  • they’re having coffee (frappé) together, since you don’t often meet other goths when you’re in Greece
  • he has an accent and needs to paraphrase words a lot or use his English skills to communicate, which is why he asks her to help him translate some official documents he needs
  • Hades rents a basement appartment downtown where she secretly visits him WHOOPS romance ensues
  • sightseeing and drinks mixed with lots of grenadine
  • the girl lies to him about her age because she’s afraid he wouldn’t like to see her anymore if he knew the truth
  • she also lies to her mother about the time she spends away from home because have you ever tried to keep your boyfriend secret from Greek parents oh god
  • long-distance relationships are cruel




things I want to see:

  • tattooed young Hera who redefines what it means to be feminine (ex: x )
  • Apollo enjoying counterculture modern music that isn’t what your grandaddy listens to because the god of music loves all music
  • Hermes dropping the internet connection of late-night bloggers when he thinks they need to get more sleep
  • Aphrodite at the forefront of modern fashion, not just for mainstream fashion but all types of beauty
  • Apollo keeping tabs on the mental health of all his followers because mental illness is illness too
  • Hera rejecting political campaigns and bringing together queer couples because the goddess of marriage knows better than some old congressman what marriage is
  • Zeus traveling the world enjoying the various diversity of his world under culturally-appropriate disguises in each country, stopping to perform quiet blessings to people who deserve it and yet who never know who that strange older man was who helped them or gave them exactly the sort of wise guidance they needed
  • Ares annoying Apollo by constantly demanding updates on the wellbeing of his injured veterans and wanting to know what Apollo plans to do about their combat-related injuries and mental illnesses
  • Ares whispering in the ears of anti-war protesters to keep world governments from using nuclear weapons
  • Ares deflecting bullets in a firefight to protect police officers chasing a gunman and casually pushing criminals’ vehicles off the road in car chases before they can hurt any innocents
  • Athena on the ground in the Middle East, following around military scouts and diverting attacks before they even notice them
  • Hermes disguised as a male nurse, quietly walking between beds in terminal care facilities, easing pain in everyone he passes by
  • Hades patiently explaining the whole “yes, I’m that Hades” “yes, this is that underworld” “no, no one’s going to torture you with fire” thing to every single person who enters his realm and never getting frustrated no matter how many times the Christians ask him about hell
  • Poseidon getting a drink in the local bars in small coastal towns because he likes to listen to the tall tales the fishermen tell as they come in from their crab boats
  • Hephaestus gleefully inventing new creations because smithing is so much more interesting with modern technology
  • Demeter convincing Zeus to sabotage the political lobbying of big agricultural corporations to protect her beloved small-time farmers
  • Hestia strolling through the suburbs calming down family arguments in the neighborhoods she visits
  • Artemis taking her responsibility for the wellbeing of young ladies seriously and invisibly sitting next to every heartbroken teenage girl crying her eyes out over some lost highschool love
  • Dionysus impersonating bartenders and demanding patrons’ car keys when they’ve had too much
  • Gods that aren’t stuck in the ancient past

Aphrodite walking in every Slutwalk in every city with signs that say NO ONE ASKS FOR IT.

Aphrodite patiently counseling the wives of sailors, incognito as that sweet girl at the grocery store.

Hephaistos crouched over a microchip, creating new technologies in instants.

Hermes as the guy behind you in line who covers your latte for you because you can’t find your wallet.

Aphrodite listening to the desperate pleas of domestic abuse victims and bringing suffering and torment to their abusers, working in women’s shelters, as a rape crisis counselor, helping to heal those who are hurt because they thought this was love, teaching them that that wasn’t love.

Demeter lobbying for paid maternal leave because you deserve time off after you’ve given birth to life.

Hera supporting working moms. Zeus making sure stay-at-home dads take proper care of the house.

Hermes as the guy at every funeral, even for people who have no one there for them.

Ares and Aphrodite reuniting soldiers and their significant others and sharing a moment when they lock eyes in the airport.

Hermes as the guy at every funeral, even for people who have no one there for them.

The goddess was deeply angered, and on the summit of Mount Cynthus she spoke to her twin children. ‘See, it will be doubted whether I, your mother, proud to have borne you, and giving way to no goddess, except Juno, am a goddess, and worship will be prevented at my altars through all the ages, unless you help me, my children. Nor is this my only grief. This daughter of Tantalus has added insult to injury, and has dared to put her children above you, and has called me childless, may that recoil on her own head, and has shown she has her father’s tongue for wickedness.’

- Ovid, Metamorphoses (x)

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b u t   n o b o d y   l i s t e n e d.
(a mix for the prophetess cassandra of troy; for troy) (listen) (download)

01. on battleship hill - pj harvey 02. dead of the night - regina spektor 03. the seer’s tower - sufjan stevens 04. unravel - björk 05. gold dust - tori amos 06. follow you down to the red oak tree - james vincent mcmorrow 07. leave my body - florence & the machine 08. when the road runs out - blonde redhead 09. hope in the air - laura marling 10. paris is burning - st. vincent 11. last year’s war - sarah slean


MYTHOLOGY SERIES: EOS|  Ēōs   (Greek Myth): 

EOS was the Goddess of dawn, and the third child of the Titans Hyperion and Theia. She was often seen in a chariot just before sunrise, being pulled by her horses Shiner and Bright, across the brightening sky. 

As a result of a curse put upon her by Ares, Eos became an extremely passionate female and fell in love with a large number of men, including the handsome Tithonus, son of Laomedon - King of Troy. When Eos asked Zeus to make Tithonus immortal, she forgot to ask about eternal youth and became stuck with a lover made helpless with age. Therefore according to some versions of the myth - she locked him in a bedchamber. 


Among the Etruscans, the dawn-goddess was Thesan. Depictions of the dawn-goddess with a young lover became popular in Etruria in the fifth century, (inspired by imported Greek vase-painting).Though Etruscans preferred to show the goddess as a nurturer rather than an abductor of young men,

The Roman equivalent of Eos is Aurora. The Dawn became associated in Roman cult with Matuta, later known as Mater Matuta. She was also associated with the sea harbors and ports, and had a temple on the Forum Boarium

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i was thinking about nico’s muscled forearms when it hit me that the only reason we know about nico’s muscled forearms is because jason was definitely thinking about nico’s muscled forearms and i can’t stop laughing



mythology alphabet: z - zagreus [(Greek: Ζαγρεύς) ] - the obscure and ancient figure of Zagreus  was identified with the god Dionysus.

A single early appearance of Zagreus is in a quoted line from the lost epic Alkmeonis, written in the sixth century BC if not earlier: “Mistress Earth and Zagreus who art above all other gods.” The Ionian word zagre signifies a "pit for the capture of live animals"

history: According to the followers of Orphism, Zeus had lain with Persephone — who, by the tradition ascribed to Orpheus, was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter — in the form of a serpent. The result of their union was Zagreus. Zeus had intended Zagreus to be his heir, but a jealous Hera persuaded the Titans to kill the child. Like the infant Zeus in Cretan myth, the child Zagreus was entrusted to the Titans who distracted him with toys. While he gazed into a mirror they tried to seize him and he fled, changing into various animal forms in his attempt to escape. Finally he took the form of a bull, and in that form they caught him, tore him to pieces, and devoured him. […] Zeus implanted the still-beating heart into the mortal woman Semele, from whom the child was eventually born again, despite Hera’s intervention. Some accounts say that he was reassembled and resurrected by Demeter; others, that Zeus fed his heart to Semele in a drink, making her pregnant with Dionysus.

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the Seven + Nico and Reyna

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Mythology Meme: 1/1 Mythology ~ Greek

It is a time of war and discord, of intrigue and power struggles. No one is safe, and no one is innocent. But within the fear and battles, just beyond the strife that is suffered by all, there lies magic, and freedom, and hope. For, it is hope, and hope alone, that keeps the losers fighting, straining, and reaching beyond the Gods and just into the stars.

thanatos’ butterfly
The soul of death.