omg hercules driving apollo’s chariot reminds me of thalia grace driving apollos’s chariot only slightly less amusing because apollo isn’t there to backseat drive

six minutes into an episode of hercules the animated series and i am sO DONE


birth of a nation

Romulus and Remus

kate macdowell


series of percy jackson/heroes of olympus edits

CHARACTERS + first pov lines ⇒ A n n a b e t h C h a s e


Jason: *takes stapler*

Thalia: JASON! STO—

Jason: *puts stapler between his teeth*

Jason: It’s a metaphor


series of percy jackson/heroes of olympus edits

CHARACTERS + first pov lines ⇒ P i p e r M c L e a n


a series of percy jackson/heroes of olympus edits

CHARACTERS + first pov lines ⇒ J a s o n G r a c e

"percy’s hair is the same rich black as the smoking onyx rock that is my broken and aching heart"

— an excerpt nico di angelo’s diary (via anti-leyna)


HoO - Bonding (Piper/Jason/Nico) by AmeUmi36


Basically I realized that I really liked Jason/Nico AND Piper/Jason and decided “Why not both?” 

This comic takes place about a year after the events of Heroes of Olympus. 
Jason has continued to persistently reach out to Nico, slowly becoming friends with him. As they bond and get closer, they realize their feelings are a bit deeper than friendship. Jason is still in love with Piper, and decides to be open with her about his feelings for Nico. They talk it over and decide that they can open up their relationship so that Jason can date Piper and Nico at the same time. 
This is Piper and Nico talking for the first time after deciding on an open relationship. At the moment they’re still strangers, but I think there’s a possibility of a strong friendship in the works.
Piper McLean, Nico Di Angelo, Jason Grace > Heroes of Olympus, Percy Jackson (c) Rick Rodian


(because this happened and i’m still procrastinating on my schoolwork:)

Nico has no idea how he’s supposed to feel about something like this, so he falls back on anger. And as much as that’s a comfortable norm for him, it doesn’t seem like Jason was expecting it, the blond’s eyebrows raising as the younger boy scowled up at him.

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→ heroes of olympus character traits: 1/12 (inspired by)


He sat back in his leather aviator jacket, his black T-shirt and jeans, that wicked silver skull ring on his finger, and the Stygian sword at his side. His tufts of black hair struck up in curls like baby bat wings. His eyes were kind of sad and empty, as if he’d stared into the depths of Tartarus - which he had.”

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♫ but I have no doubt, one day the sun will come out ♫ - {art}

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zoebelladonna: Zartemis for the domestic meme, if you're still doing it?


who is the big spoon/little spoon

Zoe is the little spoon, as Artemis typically will age herself up just enough to curl around Zoe. Just because she knows that Zoe really loves to be held securely when she falls asleep, and that’s kinda hard to do in the body of a 10-12 year old. 

what is their favorite non-sexual activity

Besides hunting? They really like to just wander the forests and hills around the current hunter campsite, talking and holding hands and just enjoying the other’s presence. This is also where Artemis gets in most of her Tease Zoe time. 

who uses all the hot water in the morning

They bathe in hot springs, mostly, and when those aren’t available Artemis has a special bathing tent she can have them set up. Regardless, both take up an obscene amount of time while bathing, mostly because it’s one of the only places that both of them feel comfortable enough to relax in. What I’m trying to say is that hot water isn’t an issue in this relationship. ;)

what they order from take out

The hunter don’t do take out. But sometimes Artemis and Zoe will take her chariot to get something nice. Pizza. Usually. But only ever couple of years. 

what is the most trivial thing they fight over

Zoe’s work ethic. It’s great sometimes, but after Artemis found her asleep in odd places one too many times it became a constant issue with the pair. And while she’s exasperated by Zoe over it sometimes, Artemis can’t help but be terribly amused that out of everything this is what Zoe disobeys her on.  Unbelievable. 

who does most of the cleaning

The only thing Artemis ever cleans are smudges of dirt of Zoe’s cheeks. Zoe doesn’t clean at all, unless it’s hindering their progress in anyway (like at camp pack-up).

who leaves their stuff around

Artemis. Or rather, things just kinda show up in her tent and leave only after Zoe’s ranted about the respectability of a goddess with hunting magazines and fleece sweaters lying around. But maybe Zoe just hates it that she’s always tripping over stuff in Artemis’ tent and Artemis is always waving it all away when someone other than Zoe comes in, so she can look the epitome of graceful goddess. 

who remembers to buy the milk

Artemis can get as much milk as she wants for free. 

who remembers anniversaries

Neither. Anniversaries are for beings who don’t have eternity to spend with each other. oh wait


Headcanon: Once when Leo and Piper were bored at the argo II they tried to make some grilled cheese sandwiches.