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Medusa (by Javier Marin)

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mythology meme | [1/5] relationships – Cupid & Psyche 

Psyche was a stunningly beautiful girl born to a king and queen. People throughout the land worshipped her, so much so that they forgot their love for the goddess Aphrodite. Angered, Aphrodite sent her son, Cupid, to punish Psyche by pricking her with one of his arrows and making her fall in love with the ugliest thing he can find, but when Cupid saw Psyche’s radiant beauty, he shot himself with the arrow instead. With the help of the sun god Apollo, Psyche and Cupid were married. Cupid never showed himself during the day, but she met him in the dark when she could not see his face and fell in love with him. One night, Psyche decided that she must see her husband’s face. When she saw his beautiful face, she felt foolish to have doubted him. Cupid fled their mansion, because love cannot live where there is no trust. Psyche pleaded to Aphrodite to bring help bring him back, and Aphrodite forced her through a series of trials. When she had completed the trials, Cupid requested that Zeus make her immortal, and they lived together forever on Mount Olympus. 

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mythology meme - three of six nymphs/muses: daphne

"More Apollo had tried to say, but she in fear fled on and left him and his words unfinished. Enchanting still she looked—her slender limbs bare in the breeze, her fluttering dress blown back, her hair behind her streaming as she ran; and flight enhanced her grace. But the young god could bear no more to waste his blandishments and (love was driving him) pressed his pursuit. And as a beagle sees across the stubble a hare and runs to kill and she for life—he almost has her; now, yes now, he’s sure she’s his; his straining muzzle scrapes her heels; and she half thinks she’s caught and, as he bites, snatches away; his teeth touch—but she’s gone. So ran the god and girl, he sped by hope and she by fear. But he, borne on the wings of love, ran faster, gave her no respite, hot on her flying heels and breathing close upon her shoulders and her tumbling hair. Her strength was gone; the travail of her flight vanquished her, and her face was deathly pale. And then she was at the river, swift Peneus, and called; ‘Help, father, help! If mystic power dwells in your waters, change me and destroy my baleful beauty that has pleased too well.’

Scarce had she made her prayer when through her limbs a dragging languor spread, her tender bosom was wrapped in thin smooth bark, her slender arms were changed to branches and her hair to leaves; her feet but now so swift were anchored fast in numb stiff roots, her face and had became the crown of a green tree; all that remained of Daphne was her shining loveliness. And still Apollo loved her; on the trunk he placed his hand and felt beneath the bark her heart still beating, held in his embrace her branches, pressed his kisses on the wood; yet from his kisses the wood recoiled. ‘My bride’, he said, ‘since you can never be, at least, sweet laurel, you shall be my tree. My lure, my locks, my quiver you shall wreathe.’ … Thus spoke the god; the laurel in assent inclined her new-made branches and bent down, or seemed to bend, her head, her leafy crown.”

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The Greek Gods by Glen Mullaly


"My children are so rarely happy."

I’ve been listening to a lot of country songs lately about fathers and children and it made me tear up thinking about these two

man what happened to octavian in really messing with my next gen headcanons but the stuff with apollo has opened a door so im???


It’s hard being friends with Piper McLean. It’s hard and no one understands. 

and no one cares either



she’ll kick your ass and then you’ll thank her for it


have a transparent camp half-blood design to fit to your blog.

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❤ Piper (counting down!)


Will Solace constantly making jokes about whether or not he should accept whatever food Nico offers him cause “haha, gods know, we minght end up married and living in the underworld, I’ve heard things” and Nico just rolling his eyes as Will eventually accepts and eats it anyway cause hey, as long as he gets to see the sun every now and then, the idea doesn’t sound so bad. 


» “My son.” Hades’s tone was almost gentle. “Whatever happens, you have earned my respect. You brought honor to our house when we stood together against Kronos in Manhattan. You risked my wrath to help the Jackson boy— guiding him to the River Styx, freeing him from my prison, pleading with me to raise the armies of Erebos to assist him. Never before have I been so harassed by one of my sons. Percy this and Percy that. I nearly blasted you to cinders.

My point is this: you and I rose to the aid of Olympus because you convinced me to let go of my anger. I would encourage you to do likewise. My children are so rarely happy. I… I would like to see you be an exception.”

Nico’s friends are always there to remind him that shadows are no longer his only solace.

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