Some of my favorite PJO ladies. I’ll probably draw more, sinCE IT’S FREAKING CHRISTMAS BREAK WHOOP

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Athena for Sketch Dailies

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reynabethism: i feel like they would DEFINITELY change their appearances over time, as the trends changed and such. for example, in classical mythology Apollo is said to be the ideal male youth, so i'm guessing as time went on and beauty standards changed, so did his appearance. today's ideal male youth looks different from the 1800's which looks different from the 1500's which looks different from ancient times. the same can be applied to all the other gods, though perhaps without the beauty aspect.


OH MY GOD apollo looking like john travolta though

tumblruser newtjpg used this tags on my art:

#ofc dionysus was cute he made castor & pollux after all #but nah hc: as the gods can appear how they want dionysus purposely makes himself unnattractive at camp #because his pretty self isn’t scary enough to keep the campers in line 

and i really love this headcanon! i actually have one for cupid that he can change his appearance to the extreme (like aphrodite) because sexual desire has no face (fear the might aroaces who can truly see his form)

+ im gonna ruin your lives rn by revealing this:

i have a hc that dionysus was like that when he started at the camp BUT chiron/quiron (i forgot if the english name is w/ ch or qu) and a few satyrs fell for him so hard and it got outta control, and since our centaur buddy is so self-assured he lied to dionysus and said he felt no attraction towards him (even after having several encounters with him) and then dionysus got pissed at him (thats why hes so grumpy all the time he has to be with quiron every single day + no wine :( ) and he changed his appearance to be the ugliest possible so quiron would see that he did feel attracted to dionysus

hello darkness my old friends, here i am shipping centaurs and humans again 

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demigods + the periodic table (insp) / art x x x

moment of silence for Leo and Hazel’s names

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I finally know where I belong.

i went on such a feels trip i wish i could just forget about adonis and hades damn


Nico “I’ve owned the same pair of jeans since I was literally 12 years old and now they’re more like awkward capris but they still fit fine, ok, no Hazel I’m not buying new pants I don’t NEED NEW PANTS” di Angelo

Crazy Awesome New PJO Blog to Check Out!


If you haven’t heard, PJOVoices is a brand new tumblr that will be bringing all of our favorite characters to life by doing voice recordings of all of our favorite moments from the books, headcanons, and scenes that people want to hear. Auditions are open for them now!

If you’re interested, here is their FAQ page, which you should read before you start sending them any questions. They have also answered a bunch of questions already, and you can find their answers here.

This is such a creative and unique opportunity that not many fandoms get, so even if you don’t want to audition, make sure that you follow them and give your support!

Let’s make some amazing art happen!

achilles lays down some sick burns

Anonymous: Can we please have some more Jasiper the way you drew percabeth and frazel?


It was inevitable plus another anon asked for it too

"In Roman community baths, it was customary for men to stand and applaud when a well-endowed peer entered the water."

why are men so weird everywhere always (x)

i just imagined this and cannot stop loling

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Jimmy Carr, keeping tradition alive.

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a continuation of THIS, you can read part 1 here!!! superhero pjo au 

apparently in this au nico doesnt like using his powers so much he actually has a bus pass…… public transportation isnt worth it nico…..

his phone’s on vibrate because hazel keeps changing it to ‘hey mickey’ and he has no idea how to change it back

i like putting canon character struggles into aus…… feels good man…. feels good… only i feel like jason is more sneaky in here than canon, piper and leo are bad influences lmao

once again this au doesnt belong to me kingburu and tinybro created it!!

rogeradcliffe asked: lotus casino or auntie em’s gnome emporium


happy birthday percy ;) art


frazel || for romi || (x) (x)

Happy Belated Birthday, darling! I wish you a year full of wonder and luck.

*wipes tear* they grow up so fast.